This Hot Vegan Guy Had a Complete Meltdown When He Discovered Real Cheese on His Pizza

A life without cheese is no life at all. I’d rather eat my own face off than eat macaroni cheese with fake cheese. And I’m not talking about the artificial cheese powder — that’s kind of delicious, let’s not kid ourselves — I’m talking vegan cheese.

But of course, vegans of the world would disagree (and probably throw pig’s blood on me for good measure). Like this guy, who had a full-on meltdown when he discovered his pizza was “ruined” by a random piece of real cheese.

The video starts off with this guy throwing greens on what appears to be a non-cheese pizza. As he dives into a fascinating tale about his path to veganism and the “animal holocaust,” he realizes that there’s cheese in the tomato sauce. From there, he calls the pizza place and literally loses it.

If anything was ruined here it was trying to order a pizza without f*cking cheese on it. Who does that? A serial killer, that’s who. What’s even more upsetting is that he compares cheese to the gunk that comes out of a pimple. WTF WHY WOULD YOU EVER SAY THAT?!

Check out his reaction for yourself below.

[H/T: BroBible]

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