Burger King Is Selling Cheeto-Dusted Mac n’ Cheetos Now

I am horrified.

Bloomberg has reported that Burger King is beginning to sell Mac n’ Cheetos, which isĀ fried macaroni and cheese bites coated in Cheeto dust. They are essentially mozzarella sticks for people who don’t find them cheesy enough.

They are stuffed with macaroni and cheese. Just let that sink in.


Burger King has partnered up with Frito-Lay to make these Mac n’ Cheetos. Frito-Lay also paired up with Taco Bell to make Doritos Locos taco shells.

Mac n’ Cheetos cost $2.49 for a pack of five and are already available at various Burger Kings across the country. It will become more widely available started June 27.

According to early reviews, Mac n’ Cheetos have the shape of a mozzarella stick but the consistency of a chicken nugget.

Well, this certainly won’t be fixing America’s obesity problem.

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