You Can Now Shop For Lipstick Via Facebook Messenger

There are never been a better time to be alive. I love knowing that companies are aware that we are so lazy that we won’t even go to the store anymore. They are now embracing our shameless laziness. It’s incredible.

Thanks to Modiface, you can now try on and buy any of 900 lipsticks in Facebook Messenger. You don’t even have to download an additional app to use it.

Here’s how it works. You go into Facebook Messenger and then search in your contacts for Modiface. It will pop up and ask, “Hey there, do you want to find the perfect lipstick? If so, tell me your favorite brand or shade.”

You can choose to “try on” the lipstick or purchase the lipstick. If you choose to try it on, you are prompted to take a front-facing photo of yourself. It will then provide you with the image with the shade on your lips.

According to Racked, this currently only works with lipstick right now and you can only shop from Sephora. The company expects to expand the makeup range and add Amazon as a shopping option.

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