KFC’s “Watt a Box” Will Charge Your Smartphone While You Chow Down on Fried Chicken

Hate it when your phone dies while you’re out to dinner? If the answer is “yes” and you live in India, KFC has the solution for you.

The company is introducing “Watt A Box,” a limited edition 5-in-1 Meal box that has built-in outlets and cables used to charge smartphones. The cables can charge iPhones and Androids, which is something users of both brands will agree is pretty cool. KFC will be using these power boxes to serve some lucky customers their 5-in-1 Meal in select stores in Mumbai and Delhi. But KFC fans can also participate in an online contest on KFC’s Facebook page in order to win a “Watt A Box.”

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, the CMO of KFC India, explains to the Times of India that the 5-in-1 Meal as a way of providing their customers a full meal at an affordable price, but the “Watt A Box” adds an extra element of utility. He continues, “Each one of us spends a considerable time on our smartphones daily, and the phone battery going dead is almost like a nightmare! No longer is that the case, with the Watt a Box around.”

Well, we can’t say we disagree with that. We hope those lucky customers in India enjoy their 5-in-1 Meal while being able to post about it on Instagram with their charged phones. Here’s hoping this winds up in the states.

Watch the commercial for the “Watt A Box” here:

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