College Student Recounts How Pledging TKE Literally Almost Killed Him

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When Terrance Bennett decided to pledge a fraternity at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island, he had no idea he would end up in the ICU.

Back in 2014, Terrance was going through initiation for Tau Kappa Epsilon, but he ended up in the hospital after being blindfolded and beat with paddles. He’s now suing TKE, claiming the frat brothers also branded him, urinated on him, extinguished cigarettes on his skin, deprived him of sleep, threw eggs and rotten food at him, and forced him to exercise, binge drink, and eat raw onions and sticks of butter until he puked.

A BBC investigation, Frat Boys: Inside America’s Fraternities, details Terrance’s story.

Terrance recounted the horrors.


He talks about how he was blindfolded on the floor in what they called “hostage position.”

“As it progresses you start to lose pieces of clothing,” he says. “I got a beating so bad and there’s broken glass on the floor and sludge and rocks and dirt and you’re all scratched up and I remember I was lying on that floor and I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Eventually, Terrance passed out and woke up in the hospital.

“They’d split my skin open, the blood had pooled, became infected, my liver had started to shut down, they told me I came really close [to dying],” he recalls.

His horrific story isn’t as uncommon as you may think.

The documentary airs on BBC2 Thursday.

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