Demi Lovato Rants After Taking 24-Hour Break From Social Media

Demi Lovato is known not just for her former Disney days and her incredibly powerful voice, but also for her blunt “I say what I want” attitude. The pop star decided to quit Instagram and Twitter on Monday afternoon, hinting that she was frustrated with arguing on the Internet. However, Snapchat was deemed acceptable “cause I don’t have to see what some of y’all say.”

Well, the hiatus did not last long. Lovato was back on social media 24 hours later, making as bold an entrance as you can in under 150 characters. She’s back, “And I’m coming back more honest than ever.”She claims to love her fans too much to “leave them over some lame ass haters” and has resumed her uninhibited style online. Since then, Lovato’s Twitter has switched between promoting her new Honda Civic tour with Nick Jonas and blowing off the haters.

The day-long break seems to have brought about some new wisdom to the star, as she reacts to everyone’s reactions. After laughing about her return to Twitter making headlines, Lovato takes on a more serious tone about what’s wrong with news in society. On Thursday afternoon, she started by stating that “the world is weird” and progressed into a critique of society’s priorities from there.

Lovato makes a point to call out hypocrisy in complaining about the paparazzi yet buying magazines to read about celebrity gossip. She even posted a poll that asked her followers if they could name one or more names from the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted List, trying to prove a point about the entertainment culture. One of the three options is “Can name all Biebers exes” and has more votes than Lovato probably wanted.

Her Tweets have gotten mixed reactions from her followers. Many of her fans support her, with one person praising her for being “such a good role model. You’re so outspoken for such important issues! Shame others can’t do the same.” However, not everyone is interested in Lovato’s thoughts about celeb gossip, with some calling her out for hypocrisy about using social media to promote her own image. Another user pointed out that “being interested in pop culture doesn’t mean someone is dumb. people are allowed to have different interests.”

Either way, she’s back. We’re definitely looking forward to more honest Tweets.

[H/T: E! News]

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