The Condom Is Getting A Makeover

The condom isn’t a new invention – let’s be clear. It’s due for an upgrade. The Swedish intimacy company, LELO, is prepared to do exactly that with their new HEX condom.

The 20-year-old company sought to create a better version of the condom that would be safer and more comfortable. The genius behind the HEX condom is the hexagonal shapes that compose the condom.

Filip Sedic, HEX’s founder, said that in the beginning, his team attempted to create a condom using different materials. However, after recognizing the FDA’s long approval process, they decided to stick to latex and focus on the design.

“The challenge was to make something radically different with a material already approved for condom use. We did this because people need to be having great, safe sex today, not ten years from now,” Sedic said to¬†Mashable.

Sedic said that when the HEX condom has pressure applied to it, the pressure is stretched in six different directions. The pressure is only relative to the hexagon it is applied to, which means that the condom itself is much more durable.

In fact, if you do poke a hole in the HEX condom, it will stay contained in the punctured hexagon instead of tearing the entire condom.

The HEX condom is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and can be pre-ordered for $9.90 for a 3-pack. You can also buy it in a 12-pack for $19.90 or a 36-pack for $34.90. While that may seem rather pricey, it isn’t due to the extra manufacturing process, but rather the desire to make the HEX condom a high-end condom.

Sedic hopes to make the HEX condom into a luxury item that people will want to buy.

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