Shark Week 2016: The Ultimate Shark Week Drinking Game



Yes, everyone is humming the Jaws theme song more than normal – because it’s officially Shark Week!

Discovery Channel kicks off their week-long stay-out-of-the-water fest on Sunday, June 26, 2016. And what better way to celebrate than some well-timed drinking? Grab your LandShark Lagers, gather up your closest pals, and start your summer off right with our Shark Week drinking game.

live every week like it's shark week

Take a sip when…

– Someone is referred to as a “shark expert.”

– Anyone speaks with an Australian accent.

– Any variation of “This species of shark is usually not dangerous” is said.

– A shark gets punched in the nose or eye by the victim.

– Someone goes in a steel cage.

Take two drinks when…

– Jaws is mentioned or its theme song is played.

– A seal goes airborne.

– They place a tracker on a shark.

– Dramatic reenactment gives the shark’s perspective.

– A shark attack victim “Doesn’t blame the shark.”

Finish your drink if…


– The steel cage breaks.

– Someone dies (finish your drink in their honor).

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