Blue Wine Is A Reality Just In Time For The Fourth Of July

blue wine


Being a girl who doesn’t like beer is a bit of a problem on patriotic holidays. I mean, not having a Bud in your hand at any given second on the Fourth of July is practically a crime punishable by having a bald eagle poke your eyes out. Luckily, there’s now a way for us winos to embrace the red, the white, the rose, and now the blue.

Thanks to a Spanish wine company called Gik, Blue Nun is an amazing reality.

Apparently the hue comes from a combo of red and white grapes from four different regions of Spain with a bit of indigo and anthocyanin to give it the electric coloring.


Apparently it tastes like a super sweet white, but we all know we’re drinking it because it makes the perfect Instagram accessory.

Just one tiny issue: it’s only available in Spain at the moment. So it’s time to shoot that guy you met on your semester abroad a Facebook message with explicit directions to express ship a few bottle over ASAP.

Or maybe next year? We’ll be (impatiently) waiting.

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