Pervy Nebraska Man Arrested After Hiding Under a Woman’s Car In Hopes of Touching Her Ankle

In a weird deviation from the usual foot fetish, Jesse Johnson, a 20-year-old from Nebraska, was arrested for hiding under a woman’s car and allegedly grabbing her ankle to satisfy his “weird addiction and odd behavior.” The woman, 48, was getting into her car outside an Aldi store when Johnson groped her foot. She screamed and saw a man roll out from under her vehicle before running away.

After being arrested, Johnson claimed to have never touched the woman, saying he “was hiding under the vehicle simply for the visual,” the Lincoln Journal Star reports. He was ticketed on suspicion for disturbing the peace. This, oddly enough, is the third time Johnson has been accused of touching women’s ankles. The first two incidents occurred near one woman’s apartment complex, and then two days later, at a nearby Walmart.

Johnson claims he never intends on scaring or harming the women in any way, but police feel differently. They report that they worry a similar incident could evolve into something more dangerous. “Some of these people never move beyond what they’re doing, similar to window peekers,” Captain Jeri Roeder explained. “And some, you know, graduate on to bigger and worse things.”

The Nebraska resident is open to receiving help before getting into any more trouble. He was receiving regular counseling until financial limitations stopped it in 2014. When asked if this incident would happen again, Johnson replied “if I get the help that I need, no.” For everyone’s sake, we certainly hope so.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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