This Meteorologist Had Some Biting Words For a Hater Who Body Shamed Her

You know what would be awesome? Letting a woman do her job without judging her appearance. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in. But crusaders like meteorologist Molly Mattot are taking a stand against trolls who insist on giving their unsolicited opinions. In this case, Mattot got right to the point: Girl, bye.

After a recent weather segment, Syracuse meteorologist received some judgy comments about the way she was dressed:

“I don’t know, of course, who dresses Molly and I’m not trying to b mean or unkind but the way she is dressed today looks very much like she came directly from a night on the town to work!”Good grief, have a little decorum and be more understated and conservative in your attire. There are so many things going on here and none of them are good, the range is from underarm boob fat, garish jewelry, clashes in color, AND makeup….I just turned on my television set and was shaken to the core (almost) at the sight of all of that going on this early on a Saturday morning!”

Luckily Mattot put the anonymous commenter in her place immediately. Though her post is now private, here’s a snippet of what it looked like:

Molly Matott Weather
The caption read, “I was feeling WAY TOO GOOD about myself today to NOT reply to this nasty email (top left). If anyone else has any comments on my “underarm boob fat,” I’ll take them now.UPDATE: this person wrote back and could not understand my reaction to their “constructive criticism.” Girl bye.”

Girl bye is right. Is it really necessary to be an a**hole like that? Have your opinions and keep them to yourself. Why was it necessary to make them known to Mattot herself? And for the record, she looks awesome and is great at her job. Let’s celebrate that, shall we?

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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