Beyonce’ Opens the 2016 BET Awards With An Amazing Performance

Last night the 2016 BET Awards premiered and everyone there and at home received an amazing surprise!

Beyonce‘ opened the show with a jaw dropping performance that left everyone wanting more. The performance started out with her backup dancers marching in and once they’ve made their way up to the stage, the camera goes straight to Queen B. Beyonce then goes into singing Freedom while she dances around in a pool full of water. To make the performance even more memorable, Kendrick Lamar steps on the stage and ends up dancing in the water with Beyonce’. By the end of the performance, everyone was on their feet giving Beyonce’ the standing ovation she deserved. No one knew Beyonce was going to perform but many of us are glad that she did!

Afterwards, she had to run and catch a plane to London for another show but Beyonce’ came and #slayed the 2016 BET Awards!

Just in case you missed this epic performance here is a small clip!

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