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This Deleted Scene Would Have Made “Zootopia” a Completely Different Movie

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney’s been on a roll for the last several years, with the billion-dollar hit Zootopia being the latest of its successes. But several huge edits were made to the movie before it was released, many of which completely changing how the movie would have been watched. For starters, the movie initially had Nick as the main character instead of Judy, something the producers decided didn’t make sense. It also had a much darker relationship between predator and prey, one of the film’s main themes.

Here’s a deleted scene that shows just how different the movie could have been:

This scene is called “The Taming Party” and although it starts off sweet, the implications of it are pretty horrible. In Zootopia, the tensions between predator and prey drive the movie, but you quickly (in the first scene) learn that the predators have learned to control their instincts around those that are prey. But this deleted scene shows that civilization took the inhumane way to do this by using shock collars as a coming-of-age gift. It makes the whole idea of a “Bear Mitzvah” super-depressing and not cute.

But the shock collars were cut from the movie, a choice we definitely agree with. Zootopia makes some pretty spot-on commentary by using the predator/prey theme, but the taming party was a little much for a light-hearted family film. Good call, Disney filmmakers.

[H/T: io9]

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