This Former Supermodel Wants Her Ex-Husband to Keep Paying For Her $262 Million Lifestyle

For anyone who’s ever heard their mom say “If I divorced your father, I’d take him for everything he’s worth,” they need to meet Christina Estrada. The former supermodel is currently divorcing her billionaire husband Dr. Walid Juffali, and after living 14-years in the lap of luxury, demands he pay $262 million in spousal support so she can keep up her excessively glamorous lifestyle.


According to the Daily Mail, her demands have some reason behind them: “£55 ($73) million for property and a £1 ($1.3) million-a-year clothes budget, including £40,000 ($53,000) for fur coats, £109,000 ($146,000) for haute couture dresses and £21,000 ($28,000) for shoes every year.”

From the Daily Beast,

Estrada’s list of demands included a further $5.9 million dollars needed for a country home, and almost $454,000 for staff. The Mail further listed $647,000 to rent a yacht for two weeks, $6,439 to tip the crew, $330,000 for a Paris holiday at the Presidential Suite at the Ritz, plus $99,000 for the nanny’s room; as well as many other thousands of dollars for a vacation in the south of France, beauty treatments, luxury handbags, casual handbags, clutch handbags, mobile phones, new suitcases, face cream, and sunglasses.

Lady… are you serious? You spend more on fur coats than most millennials take home in a year. But according to Estrada’s legal team, her husband is more than able to pay up. They say he’s worth about $11 billion, despite Juffali’s lawyers’ humble estimate of $865 million.

However, Juffali didn’t just leave his ex-wife in the poor house — he offered her a generous $49 million settlement, which she rejected after her bratty daughter said “Mummy, you are going to make me a poor girl.” Did we mention this is all going on while Juffali is being treated for cancer in a Zurich hospital?

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Estrada from demanding “acceptable” accommodations during this tough time. From the Daily Beast,

In astonishing exchanges over what Estrada felt was acceptable accommodation, she said she’d found a home in London’s Eaton Square for $73 million that would cost another $8.7 million to decorate as she wished.

Another property, costing $8.7 million was dismissed because it would have meant Estrada would have had to share a floor with her staff.

She needed $37,000 for Wimbledon tickets, and $13,300 to attend Sir Elton John’s annual white tie ball.

Obviously if you don’t attend Elton John’s annual white tie ball, you’re nothing but a peasant. What a tragedy. Granted, her husband did try to marry someone else while they were still together, so I guess he owes her something.

“The divorce was sparked by Dr Juffali’s decision in 2012 to marry a 25-year-old Lebanese television presenter when he was still married to Miss Estrada,” the Telegraph reported. “The marriage was permissible under Saudi Arabian law.”

To make this situation even more comical, Estrada is painting herself as a hero, claiming she’s “standing up” for women. She also insists that despite how ostentatious her lifestyle is, she has a “hard life full of responsibilities.”

Estrada’s lawyer, Frances Hughes, said in a statement: “The tactics deployed by Dr. Juffali’s legal team have the sole aim of publicly humiliating Ms Estrada, whose claim for £196m ($262m) represents a tiny proportion of his wealth and a very significant downgrade on the standard of living to which she and her daughter became accustomed to during the marriage.”


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