Not Sure About Submitting To Miss COED 2017? Let A Former Finalist Tell You Why You Should

Like many students who transfer schools, Danielle had her reservations about what the future held and where to take her next step. Yet when she traveled across the country and stumbled upon the Miss COED 2016 competition, she knew she was heading in the right direction. Literally.

“When I first moved back to Pennsylvania after living the West Coast lifestyle for a few years, I was completely unsure of myself. I started researching and decided to start the transfer process with a Penn State sister school, Penn College. Penn College is the reason I chose to be a part of the COED team. It’s not the largest school and it certainly doesn’t rank on the national list of biggest party schools, but I’m so proud to represent my alma mater as a finalist in Miss COED.”

The ASU transplant found a new home, rose through the ranks of Miss COED 2016, and managed to finish 10th out of hundreds. Yet for those who are skeptical whether or not they want to submit, Danielle explains the awesome opportunities that await, simply by filling out a short questionnaire.

“To be honest, when I first signed up for Miss COED 2016, I didn’t realize how amazing the opportunities really were (vacations, prizes, custom gifts, the list goes on and on). Not to mention, the friends you make (she’s now BFF’s with former semifinalist Niki Kafashzadeh), and the incredibly awesome bragging rights of being featured on and other media channels.”

These other media channels include The Chive and TFM, to name a few.


In addition, last year’s winner, Kendall Fuhrman received a trip to Jamaica with her family and friends, a tablet, laptop, personalized Miss COED 2016 clothing, and a spin around the track with legendary IndyCar driver, Mario Andretti.

Umm where was this when I was in college?!

COED also does an awesome job with helping the girls wherever they can, whether it’s writing a recommendation for a job, hiring them as a freelancer or intern, or giving them a shout out on social media for an upcoming event they may be hosting.

“There are so many reasons to show pride in yourself and your school, and I’m proof your campus size doesn’t determine how well you do in this competition. Visit their website to checkout the finalists from last year, fill out your submission form, and become a part of the COED family!””

So what are you waiting for?! Time is ticking.

Take Danielle’s advice and fill out the questionnaire below; you won’t regret it.

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Miss COED 2016 is a competition run by our sister site,

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