Jessica Williams Leaves the Daily Show For New Comedy Central Project

Jessica Williams, the youngest correspondent in the history of The Daily Show, made a prominent name for herself with her straightforward and fearless way of reporting. She is also the first black woman to hold this position. And after four years of telling it like it is, she’s leaving the program to focus on her own project for Comedy Central. It’s pretty bittersweet all around.

Williams explains how she was hired for The Daily Show when she was still in college. After her time working as a regular contributor,”I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself on the show. I’m 26 now. I’ve learned so much, I always kind of feel like it’s grad school — a sort of continuation of my education,” she says in an interview with EW.

Her wit and bold approach to her news pieces quickly earned her recognition from the show. Williams often covered social issues that are relevant nationally, from racial relations to the 2016 Presidential election. “[A] large part of my time here, I’ve gotten to explore ideas that deal with race and that deal with being a woman. I feel like that’s a big part of the work that I got to do on the show. It was really fun to try and figure that out — and basically find my voice,” she explains.

Williams will be the first and youngest correspondent to leave the show since Jon Stewart stepped down a year ago. Current host Trevor Noah is also saddened by Williams’ departure. He writes in an email how ““The sadness I have for Jessica leaving is only eclipsed by the joy I have for her starting her new show.”

The new show she is writing, producing, and starring in started with a development deal with Comedy Central in March. The half-hour pilot episode doesn’t have a release date just yet, but from how Williams says, it’s going to be amazing. She describes the premise as “a show about somebody in their 20s who has all these social ideas, but still does not have it together.” Williams then adds “And she’s, like, goofy and silly and funny!” Williams will continue “to explore ideas of feminism and race and LGBT issues” in her show, something she is thrilled to do.

This Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show is her last (for now, hopefully!).

[H/T: EW]

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