Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston’s Italian Getaway Costs More Than Most People Make In 2 Years

Via Getty

Via Getty

T. Swift ain’t a cheap date.

As anyone with an internet connection may know, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have been jet setting over the past week, heading from Nashville (where Tom met the parents) to the U.K. (where Taylor bonded with Mrs. Hiddleston) to a romantic extended date in Italy. Nah, not jealous at all…

While a European getaway will cost anyone a pretty penny, the dollar signs really rack up when you’re doing this is style. E! added up just how much money the new couple is dropping this week…and it’s only going to make your college loans feel even more staggering.

Check out their estimates below:

$85,110: Estimated cost of a private jet from Nashville to Norwich in the U.K.

$11,570: About how much dough was dropped jet setting from Norwich to Rome.

$125: For a private car to take them from the airport to their hotel.

$15,000: Two nights in a suite at the Hotel de Russie in central Rome.

$181: A private tour of Rome’s must-see tourist attraction, the Colosseum.

$3,000: Cost of a private helicopter tour around Rome.

$200: Dinner for two at their hotel’s Le Jardin de Russie.

Grand total: $115,186!

Good thing all of those 1989 World Tour tickets sold.

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