Chrissy Teigen Starts a Blender War On Twitter Because She’s Chrissy F*cking Teigen

Somehow, a simple Twitter exchange between Chrissy Teigen and a fan devolved into an all-out Twitter brawl between three different blender companies on Tuesday.

Teigen is many things—a model, television host, author, wife, and mother—but, as many of her fans know, she’s also an avid social media user. Given that, it’s not too surprising that when a fan shared she bought Teigen’s cookbook over a blender, things blew up:

—Teigen offered to buy her a blender.

But, that wasn’t the end of it. If you consider that exchange weird, then, hold on tight, because the weirdest is yet to come:

Those were certainly fighting words.

And, as Ms. Teigen declared, the Blender Wars had commenced. Knowing she had their attention, she wasted no time it stoking the embers of that corporate competitor resentment:

While NutriBullet tried to deescalate things, Teigen was having none of that:

New Challenger: Blendtec!

Oh, snap!

Nice angle there, NutriBullet. Teigen agreed:

It seemed like a close competition, so Teigen had no choice but to thin out the herd by asking the important questions:

And, while the internet waited with baited breath for Blendtec’s response—

—Teigen called it quits.

Decades from now, the history books will tell of how the Blender Wars of 2016 were never really resolved, but came to an open-ended conclusion before Chrissy Teigen—who should now add “blender dispensing fairy godmother” to her resume—could declare a victor.

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