Foreigners Reveal What They Love Most About American Women

With Independence Day just around the corner, our sense of national pride is definitely on the rise. And it seems that America is not the only one that thinks Americans are pretty great. Thrillist recently asked people from different countries what they liked best about dating American women (okay, and men too). The results reveal why foreigners everywhere can’t resist us.

One of the highlights that many people agreed on were that American women were more self-assured in their abilities. Men from all different countries loved that we weren’t afraid to go after what we wanted, whether that was a job, a way of living, or a guy. “As a general rule, Americans are not going to beat around the bush,” says Jacob from Israel. “When they feel something, they will tell you — whether it’s that they like, want, or don’t like or want something. I love knowing where I stand.” Confidence is key, ladies.

And that confidence definitely shows in the bedroom. Stephen from Germany explains how he believes American women are more open with flirting and sex than European women. “I think there’s a freshness about sex in America that makes it more fun to be with an American woman.” This point resonated with many other guys who love the fact that we, as a nation, rock in bed. Even our flirting is assertive. Harold from Sweden shares, “I once had an American woman I did not know grab me and kiss me at a bar. That does not happen often.” Self-assurance is a key quality that foreign men notice and like about American women.



We also thrive in the humor department. Americans are great with both laughing at jokes and doling them out. Emmanuel from Bulgaria says he thinks American women “don’t take everything so seriously like a lot of women in Europe which can make conversations flow better.” Well, we don’t want to bash on our European ladies, but we do love to talk to just about everyone. This casual conversational attitude allows American women to connect with many kinds of people.

Foreign men also like our low-key approach, stating there’s not too much expectation when it comes to romance. Alim explains, “I think people in the US are much more casual about dating which takes the pressure off. Back home in Turkey, it’s like you get pressure after a month.” Casual dating can sometimes get backlash, but for these guys, it’s a positive and relaxed idea that they are definitely in favor of.

The same openness and humor can be found in American men too! What foreign women love most about American guys are their low-maintenance style and their egalitarianism. Low-maintenance doesn’t mean sloppy; they like that you’re not so self-absorbed as to spend all your time on a date talking about yourself. Natalie from London says about Americans she has experience with “tend to be much more open about how they are feeling and what they want, which makes it easier to date.” So that open-mindedness really works in your favor, US dudes.

The moral of the story? Americans are confident and fresh and open, and we’re pretty amazing to date. Stars and stripes forever, baby.


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