It Turns Out Rice Isn’t The Best Way To Rescue A Wet Phone

If you ever have dropped your phone in water or forgot that your phone was in your back pocket when you went to the bathroom, you may have been told to stick your drowned technology in rice. While the trick certainly works, Gazelle has discovered a more efficient trick.

Gazelle ran some tests and discovered that there is another household item that will do the job even better. They recommend kitty litter – and not just any kind of kitty litter. They claim that crystal kitty litter is the best at saving your drenched mobile device.

Gazelle also states that you should first try to shake water out of the phone and then let it air-dry. However, if you must stick it in something, leave it in the bag of kitty litter for as long as possible.

The last part is the most important bit. We’re not talking just mere hours here. Gazelle recommends leaving your phone in the bag of kitty litter for around three days in order to give your phone the best chance of recovery.

You can definitely hold back on Instagram stalking for a few days, people. You can access your Instagram feed via your desktop, anyway. You won’t be off the grid that long.

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