Mind Blown: The Real Purpose of Those Silica Gel Packets

You know those strange little packets that come in the boxes of a new pair of shoes or inside purses? Most people just throw them away. But, turns out, those tiny bags of beads are actually silica gel packets, and once you learn what they can be used for you’ll probably never toss them again.
Silica gel can be used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. Knowing this, it makes sense why they come with shoes, since moisture build up can cause your favorite flats to become gross and smelly.

Below are some everyday uses for these gel packs you can use around the house.

Razors and makeup

You have probably learned by now that leaving your razor in the shower for too long can cause it to rust or become dull, which is why you should always cap it when you’re done using it and store it in a dry area of your bathroom between uses. But storing it with a few silica bags inside of a container can also make it last even longer.
You can also stick a few in your makeup bag to prevent cosmetics like your bronzer from ruining.


Foggy windows can be a bitch to deal with, especially in the winter. If you get impatient waiting for the windows to clear before you start driving, you can speed up the process by putting these packets on your dashboard. It will prevent your windows from fogging up so often.

Gym bag

After an intense sweat sesh, your damp workout clothes can cause bacteria to build up in your bag due to the moisture. But putting silica gel packs in the bag will help absorb the dampness and, in addition to eliminating the nasty odor, it can also help keep things dry and clean.
They can be used the same way for packing wet clothes, such as a bathing suit.


Everyone knows the trick of sticking your phone in a bowl of rice after it gets water damaged. While you should still do this, you can also try mixing some of these beads in with the rice to maximize your chances of having to beg the Apple store to replace your phone without charging you the equivalent of this month’s rent.
Because silica gel is a desiccant, meaning it’s a drying agent, it can basically be used in any environment that is prone to moisture or humidity buildup.
The more you know!

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