Here’s What Happens When You Drink a Gallon of Water Every Day

Maria Del Russo, a beauty editor for Refinery29, decided to test the oldest trick in the book: drinking more water. It’s the most common piece of health advice given, one you’ve likely heard more than once in your lifetime. Beyond our literal dependence on it, drinking more water helps keep the skin clear and the body energized. And Del Russo’s results were astounding.

The young New Yorker starts off by detailing that she’s a pretty healthy person with a relatively┬ábalanced diet and 7am yoga sessions. But she also suffers from terrible migraines, to which her doctors consistently attributed dehydration. After being told over and over again that she needed to drink more water, Del Russo decided to give it a go. She took on the challenge of drinking a full gallon of water a day for a month, observing all the changes that occurred when she upped her H2O intake.

Del Russo started off strong, but found that one immediate result of increased water was increased bathroom breaks. She writes that she was basically sprinting to a public restroom every hour, which is both difficult and disgusting in NYC. There was also an adjustment period where Del Russo had to balance between drinking too fast (horrible stomachaches) and drinking too slow (not finishing the gallon). Even after she adjusted, she found herself waiting in line for the bathroom very often.

However, there were so many positive effects from drinking more water. Del Russo says that through the entire month, she didn’t get a single migraine. She also notes that her energy levels skyrocketed in the morning, something her yoga instructor commented on, and she never felt the dull ache of a hangover. Del Russo’s skin had noticeably less acne and more glow to the point where she stopped wearing foundation. She concludes that, though she will not be hitting a gallon every day anymore, she takes better care of tracking her water intake and will continue doing so to be healthier.

Looks like those bathroom breaks were totally worth it. Time to invest in a Brita filter.

[H/T: Refinery 29]

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