This Woman Has Spent Over $1.5 Million on Her Obsession With the Color Pink

Kitten Kay Sera has worn nothing but the color pink for the last 35 years. She also lives in a pink home with all pink kitchen utensils, bathroom accents, and home decorations, and even dyes her dog Miss Kisses pink. Yes, this is real life.

The 52-year-old woman from Hollywood, California considers herself the world’s only Pink Passionista and has even snagged a segment on Ripley’s Believe It or Not, because, obviously.

“Wearing anything but pink is impossible for me. Pink has become my life and I have to admit it’s a relief. Who wants the bother of colour co-ordination? And for me pink is empowering,” Kitten recently told the Daily Mail. “I consider myself proudly to be a pink flamingo in a world of pigeons,’ she says. ‘It’s always been my dream and I even sold my car to come to Hollywood and start my career but never my pink items.”

Well, ok then. The quintessential Pink Lady explains that her pink world is still a work in progress, but what she has transformed has been insanely expensive, saying it cost her “over a million dollars and counting.”

Sure, it might be excessive to spend millions of dollars on pink sheets, pink soap, pink clothes, pink dog hair dye, and pink furniture, but we have to admit — her lifestyle looks pretty damn amazing. Kitten is fierce.

And if you don’t agree, she has some words for the haters: “I am the world’s pinkest person and my life is devoted to that colour. Some people think I am weird but frankly I am fierce and fabulous.”

Damn right.

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