Donald Trump Implied That Elsa From “Frozen” is Anti-Semitic on Twitter

It’s amazing how Trump manages to surprise us with new levels of outlandishness every day. This time, it involves Elsa from the beloved Disney movie, Frozen.

To recap, Trump tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton over a background of money with the words “History made” this past weekend. According to the Republican candidate, that history is Clinton being the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever.” But those words were used with a six-pointed star that looked very similar to the Star of David. People began to criticize Trump for perpetuating anti-Semitism, especially combined with the image of money.


Screenshot | Twitter

Trump deleted the tweet but not before it gained major attention. He claimed that the star was meant as a sheriff’s badge rather than the Star of David, but the Anti-Defamation League didn’t buy it. They issued an official statement that implicated Trump in his actions, saying he used an image with “obvious anti-Semitic overtones” and seemed to have originated “from a white supremacist website.” Although the campaign replaced the tweet with one featuring a circle instead of the star, Trump hasn’t moved on from the criticism.

Rather than, you know, apologize or anything reasonable like that, the businessman decided to take it out on an animated character. In defense of himself, Trump recently posted a picture to Twitter of an Elsa coloring book that shows a similar six-pointed star. He demanded to know, in his usual Trump way, why there was no anger over it.

Yes, Trump, this is definitely the same thing. Hillary Clinton stepped in with a snarky comment that made me almost spit out my coffee:

Classic Trump. Maybe instead of victimizing innocent children’s movies, he could learn what argumentative fallacies are and stop using them in his debates.

[H/T: Cosmopolitan]

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