Serena Williams Was Body-Shamed On Twitter Because Of Her Nipples

On Thursday, Serena Williams, the 21-time Grand Slam winner, was playing a match at Wimbledon. However, it was not her tennis skills that were the main topic of conversation.

She was wearing crisp tennis whites by Nike that she showed off in a classic mirror-shot Instagram photo. She captioned it, “Kinda in love with my Wimbledon dress.”

Instead of being impressed by Williams dominance in the game, viewers were more concerned with her nipples, which were showing through her sports bra. Viewers took to Twitter to express their rude comments about her nipples. Many referred to them as being “distracting.”


With this sudden surge of body-shaming tweets, I have to wonder: whatever happened to letting people free the nipple?


The body shaming of Serena Williams is reminiscent of the time Serena’s sister Venus’ dress at the French Open in 2010 scandalized viewers for sexist reasons.

However, not all of Serena’s fans were shaming the tennis star. Many of her fans retorted back to the body-shamers in defense of Williams’ body.

I don’t have to go over how ridiculous it is to body-shame a person, right? Leave Serena Williams alone. Her body is strong, beautiful, and frankly something we should all strive for.

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