Snapchat’s New “Memories” Feature Will Let You Save & Repost Your Snaps

It was recently announced that Snapchat will allow its users to save their posts – rather than have them lost forever – in a new app function called “Memories.”

The new feature is a clear attempt by Snapchat to join and possibly even surpass other picture-sharing social media platforms by allowing users to save their beloved Snaps. When you take a picture on the app or post something to your story, you will be able to save the image to the Memories section.

The company hopes this will convince users to use Snapchat to store pictures instead of using other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Her Campus.

Memories is set to be released within the month and will be organized similarly to Facebook Moments or iCloud. You will be able to search for old Snaps by date and location. If you decide to re-post a Snap to your story, a cloud-like border form on the sides of the image to let your Snapchat friends know that it is an older photo.

You will also be able to upload photo from your phone’s library.

Snapchat, knowing that it is used for more than just family-friendly activities, explained that any risque photos taken can be designated as “My Eyes Only.” This is a password protected feature within the Memories section that will allow users to maintain privacy while still storing photos within the app.

I suppose you can file this app update under things you didn’t realize you wanted, but most certainly needed.

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