Stephanie Chavez Dropped an Astounding 160lbs After Being Told She Was Too Big for an Amusement Park Ride

Stephanie Chavez looks like an entirely different person. The 30-year-old from Fort Wayne, Indiana weighed over 308lbs after struggling with binge eating and insufficient dieting since she was 12-years-old. But after a 2010 trip to Florida’s Harry Potter World, her life changed. Chavez was forbidden from going on one of the rides because of her size.

“That day wasn’t really fun for me – I spent it feeling very uncomfortable in my skin and depressed that I couldn’t fit on any rides,” she explained in a recent interview with the Daily Mail. “I cried myself to sleep in my hotel room that night. My whole family are Potter fans.”

Since then she lost a whopping 160lbs and now weighs 148lbs, after a local gym owner offered to help change her life. To say she looks amazing is an understatement.

Last year, the mother of two wore a bikini for the first time in her life while competing during the World Beauty Fitness Fashion show. She wound up winning the crown in the Transformation Division for obvious reasons.

“My diet before my weight loss was very poor – I tried every fad diet and diet pill known to man,” she said. “I would have episodes of binging when I would just go crazy and eat everything I could. I’d eat a lot of fast food and easy boxed meals. At one point it got so bad that I would chew my food and spit it out.”

Now Chavez is working to become a personal trainer.

“In the beginning of my journey, every day was hard. I could barely do any of the workouts. Each day I became slightly stronger and I was able to do just a bit more. I started enjoying foods I never liked before and trying all kinds of new things. I became a person who stopped making excuses and feeling sorry for herself.”

Chavez is currently preparing for the WBFF 2017 competition and continuing to hit her health goals. Way to go Stephanie! You’re an inspiration. Keep it up, girl.

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