We Bet You Can’t Guess What’s Wrong With This Woman’s Selfie

Of the infinite number of things you can find on the internet, optical illusions are a pretty popular one. In this last week, a photo of a table standing on an intricately patterned carpet made its rounds. The goal was to find the phone lying on the carpet, with the case matching almost perfectly to one of the patterns. But now a new visual brain teaser is going viral on Facebook.

This black and white photo was actually first published in 2003 on DeviantArt by user hypergenetik, who had created a photo manipulation of another user missmiserystock. The post was titled “Look Carefully”. Which is good advice because it’s easy to miss what’s wrong with this photo. Can you figure it out?



The answer: the woman in the photo has six fingers, not five. But because the thumb’s not visible and the photo manipulation is done really well, it’s hard to see at first! Good Photoshop work, hypergenetik. Now to spend the rest of the day looking up more brain teasers.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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