Chris Pratt’s Son Adorably Makes Fun Of Dad’s Pancake Art Fail

anna farris chris pratt son halloween costume


Move aside, Brad and Angelina. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have long been one of my favorite celebrity couples, and their adorable son Jack is doing nothing but helping their case.

Jack is the star of a recent Instagram video by Chris, and he isn’t sparing his dad’s feelings. See, the¬†Jurassic World¬†star attempted to make a pancake in the shape of Donald Duck, and Jack just isn’t seeing it.

Chris captioned the video:

“dad /dad/ noun informal

One’s father

Verb “Chris made a Donald Duck pancake that was basically a perfect photo copy of the picture he saw online and his son Jack refused to see the resemblance, probably out of spite or a deep seeded jealousy of his father’s pancake skills, regardless Chris continued to dad.”

Make your own judgement of Chris’s art-cooking skills below.

Maybe stick to your day job, dad.

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