It Turns Out That You’ve Been Using Starbucks Lids Wrong

I just don’t know how people keep discovering and unveiling secrets about Starbucks. I am not complaining, but it just seems like every week there is something brand new about the chain that had been hiding under our noses for who only knows how long. Like clockwork, here is your new weekly finding about Starbucks – and it is actually rather cool.

It turns out that the plastic lids on your favorite Starbucks iced drink have an entirely other function than merely keeping your beverage intact.

I mean, you order your iced drink and receive it in one of the coffee chain’s see-through plastic cups covered with said plastic lid. You pierce the lid with your straw and you are on your way. Someway, somehow, it turns out that you have been doing it wrong this entire time.

It turns out that the lid is actually present to be used as a coaster.

Don’t believe me? Here is how it works:


And like magic:


I am not entirely sure when you would need a coaster when you are on-the-go with your Starbucks drink, but it is a nifty little tool to have – just in case!

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