If You Love Uggs, This News Is Going To Change Your Life

You know, for a winter shoe, you really think Uggs would last a lot long longer than they do – and at least be waterproof right off of the shelf. For that exact reason, I cannot say I’m a fan of the infamous shoe. However, if you are, this news is likely to be an early Christmas present.

If you love your Ugg boots, then the following photos are likely all too familiar to you.


Despite these ugly boots inability to hold up in inclement weather, their warmth and infinite comfortableness may cause you to forget┬átheir impossibly short wear-life. You end up wearing them in the snow and rain and they ultimately get crusty and stained. Come next winter,┬árinse and repeat, you’ve already bought another pair Uggs to traverse through the snow.

However, thanks to a new update from Ugg, your go-to winter boot might just withstand this coming wither.

It was reported by Racked that the brand just relaunched its Classic style boots with two major updates. The New Classic boots are now much more water resistant and the soles have been given even more treat to ensure that you do not fall in the snow.

You apparently can also spill your coffee on them and nothing will happen. You know, just in case!

These new features will make the Ugg boots $10 more expensive, but it is likely worth it because Ugg’s Care Kit, which features cleaning and protecting products, costs $20.

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