Justin Bieber Was Out Catching Pokemon In The Middle Of The Night

Breaking news! It turns out Justin Bieber is as big as a nerd as the rest of us.

When a rare Pokemon, Gyarados, was spotted in Central Park last night, all of New York City subsequently lost its cool. Justin Bieber could not help but get in on the action because, you know, it is freakin’ Gyarados. Who wants to level a Magikarp to the point of evolution? It is just too time consuming.

A Reddit user reported that Bieber, along with six of his bodyguards, was spotted around 12:30 in the morning.

“There had to be at least a couple huge Bieber fans in the crowd. But listen: priorities. There are things more important than pop stars. And those things are Pokemon,” according to the Reddit user.

Alfredo Flores, a friend of Bieber’s, posted the entire event on Instagram.

Earlier in the night, Bieber was spotted in Inwood, a neighborhood located in upper Manhattan, where he was caught on video saying, “Gotta catch ’em all.” What a nerd.




New York proved last night that catching Pokemon is far more important than meeting celebrities. However, I’d imagine some fans wouldn’t have minded catching Bieber instead of a Gyarados in their Pokeball.

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