Stanford Rapist Will Return to Court After Lying About Drug & Alcohol Use

Convicted Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, was sentenced to only six months in jail after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Despite the backlash for his unusually lenient sentencing, officials announced that Turner would likely be released three months earlier for “good behavior.”

However, Turner was recently caught lying about his past alcohol and drug use in high school. He will likely have to undergo counselling prior to his probable release from jail in September, according to the Associated Press.

When Turner was first interviewed in May, he denied any alcohol or drug use. He stated that he only began drinking shortly after entering Stanford University in Fall 2014. After investigators reviewed text messages from Turner’s phone, they discovered that he began drinking alcohol and using drugs in high school.

After Turner was notified that investigators found inconsistencies in his text messages, he confessed that he lied during his interviews. He admitted to using LSD on three occasions, frequently smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in high school, according to Cosmopolitan.

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Jana Taylor, a probation manager, told the Associated Press that Turner will have to go back to court to redetermine the terms of his probation as a result of this discovery.

A new judge – not Judge Aaron Persky – will handle and likely approve of the counselling requirements being added to Turner’s probation.

Persky, on the other hand, currently has a recall campaign against him.

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