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Couples Who Get Drunk Together, Stay Together According to New Study

Drinking Couples


For anyone who’s ever fallen in love with that hot bartender who kept the vodka tonics coming, we have great news: couples who get drunk together, stay together.

According to a new study published in the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series, the secret to a long-lasting relationship is nestled in a cheap bottle of wine, whisky, six-pack, and whatever else you like to drink.

Researchers surveyed 4,864 married people, with couples having been together for an average of 33 years, to find out how drinking affects relationships. They asked couples how often they drank during the week, and how much alcohol they consumed during those instances, and their findings were epic.

They found that couples over the age of 50 reported having better marriages if both partners drank alcohol, as long as it wasn’t in excess (however, the definition of “excess” remains unclear, so don’t sweat it!). On the flip side, if one partner drank and the other didn’t, they were more likely to feel unsatisfied in their relationship.

Sadly, there is a catch: couples who didn’t drink at all also reported having happy, long-lasting marriages. But come on, what’s the fun in that? Let’s celebrate these results by drinking. Who’s with me?!


[H/T: Metro]

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