Meghan Trainor Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Meghan Worth Now?

Arguably, Meghan Trainor is slowly transforming herself into that celebrity that we all love to hate. We love to dance in our cars (albeit privately) to her music, but we will never – under no circumstances – ever admit to liking her as an artist. You tragically have to keep to yourself that “No” is the greatest pop song you’ve heard in a long time because it is social taboo, but, you know, I digress.

For a 23-year-old, you really have to hand to her. Trainor has taken the music world by storm and is truly un-apologetically herself. While she has some problematic portions about her (namely shaming those who are thin and expressing no desire to vote), let us take a moment to just appreciate her as a money machine.

As of 2018, Meghan Trainor is worth $4 million.

You may scoff at that amount, but consider this: most 23-year-olds are in crippling debt. Hooray!


Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Yesterday’s Island.

Meghan Trainor began her music career at age 11 when she told her father that she wanted to become a recording artist and that she wanted to write songs. At 12-years-old, Trainor began performing as a part of Island Fusion, which was an “all-purpose party band” that performed covers, soca music and songs written by Trainor. She played the piano, guitar and bongo drum and, of course, sang.

At age 13, Trainor wrote her first original song, “Give Me A Chance.” When she began high school, she studied guitar and played trumpet in a jazz band for three years.

When she was 15-years-old, Trainor began taking guitar lessons from the former NRBQ band member, Johnny Spampinato. She used Logic Studio to record and produce her own work until her parents constructed her her own studio to work from.


Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Beaded Ladies.

In 2009, Meghan Trainor released her eponymous debut. In the following year, she released “Take Care Of Our Soldiers,” which was a charity single in support of American troops abroad.

In 2011, Trainor released two acoustic albums, I’ll Sing With You and Only 17. During this time period, she received the accolade for Best Female Artist at the 2009 International Acoustic Music Awards and then Grand Prize at the 2010 New Orleans Songwriter’s Festival, the 2011 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest and John Lennon Love Song Songwriting Contest.

At age 17, Trainor signed a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music. She first began her career as a songwriter-for-hire because of her ability to write in several different genre styles.

In 2012, she released her second single, “Who I Wanna Be.”

Throughout 2013, she helped write and produce country and pop music throughout the United States. She would also sing lead and background vocals for demos of other artists. Trainor earned her first royalties by penning songs for artists from Italy and Denmark.

In November of the same year, she wrote songs for a number of acts, including Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, R5 and Sabrina Carpenter.


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In 2014, Trainor wrote “All About That Bass” with Kevin Kadish. After several artists declined to perform it, she recorded the song herself. The rest is history. The single preceded her debut EP, Title. It peaked at number 15 on the Billboard 200.

In October 2014, her second single, “Lips Are Movin,” was released. It peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100, which made her the fifth female artist to follow up her chart-topping debut with another top five single.

In November 2014, she appeared as a guest mentor on The Voice.

In 2015, Trainor released the third single from her album, “Dear Future Husband,” which eventually peaked within the Hot 100 top 20. In the same month, she was featured in Charlie Puth’s single, “Marvin Gaye.”

Trainor’s next single, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” which featured John Legend, became her second number one hit on the Australian Singles Chart and third top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In July 2015, it was announced that Trainor was writing a song for The Peanuts Movie, entitled “Better When I’m Dancin.’” In the following month, she co-wrote the Rascal Flatts’ single, “I Like The Sound Of That.”

In the same year, it was reported that Trainor’s album, Title, was the ninth best-selling album of 2015 worldwide.


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In 2016, Meghan Trainor released her second studio album, Thank You. It was first released exclusively on Apple Music before being released everywhere.


meghan trainor

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The year is still young for the popular singer-songwriter. She’s currently on tour and her next concert will be on March 14th in Houston, TX.


Meghan Trainor totally blacked out how her fiancé Daryl Sabara proposed to her.

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