15 Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t be putting eyeliner on our waterlines or popping and picking pimples – but what about the beauty mistakes we don’t realize we’re making? Did you know that you shouldn’t be putting bronzer all over your face? Or that there’s a simpler way to double the life of your mani? Probably not – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. Putting bronzer all over the face

Unlike self-tanner, bronzer is meant to give you a subtle, sun-kissed look as opposed to a full-on tan. As a rule of thumb, use it only on the spots on your face that realistically tan first: think the forehead, nose and cheekbones. Bronzer should be apply lightly and blended well onto the parts of the face that the sun hits in order to avoid looking like a pumpkin.

2. Tweezing above the brows

It can be all too easy to accidentally over-tweeze your eyebrows. Before you know it, you’re stepping back from the mirror to find barely there brows that are way thinner than you ever intended. To avoid a major “uh-oh” moment, tweeze below your brows. Don’t tweeze above or within the arch of the brows except for the unsightly stray hairs. Remember, it’s better to have too much brow than too little.

3. Not moisturizing oily skin

While it seems counterintuitive, even the oiliest of skin types need some form of moisturizer. Oftentimes those with oily skin skip this step and instead use drying or mattifying products that are harsh on skin, depleting the natural levels of oil that the skin creates. If your skin becomes too dry due to washing or acne treatments, it will try to counteract this by going into overdrive and actually overproducing oil. This will lead to more blemishes and bigger pores. Instead, look for oil-free moisturizers that will keep your skin hydrated and enhance its natural dewiness, as opposed to making you look shiny or slick.

4. Forgetting SPF

Obviously, sunscreen is a no-brainer at the beach. But, did you know you should also be applying SPF daily?  This is especially true if you live in a city where you spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether it’s simply walking down the block or laying out in the sun at the beach, SPF is a necessity. That said, there’s no need to add another step to your skincare routine, just look for a foundation or primer that includes SPF.

5. Drying hair with a towel

Toweling off your hair the same way you would your body after a shower can actually create frizz, especially in curly or wavy hair types. It can also create breakage in thinner hair. The solution? Blot and dab the hair, making sure to never dry the hair roughly. Be gentle and also use softer or silkier towels for the hair, not the same as the ones you might use on the body.

6. Only conditioning the ends of the hair

Another totally false beauty myth? That you only need to apply conditioner solely to the ends of your hair. Even if your hair is super fine, it still needs conditioner to stay strong and breakage-free. If you’re worried about things getting a bit weighed down, make sure to give your roots and scalp an extra long rinse at the end of your shower to make sure all the excess conditioner goes down the drain. If you’re worried about the hair looking greasy, apply conditioner more sparingly or with a lighter hand towards the roots and closer to the scalp. In the end, conditioner should make the entirety of your mane look shiny and healthy.

7. Not using a primer

What you put on under your makeup can be more of a game-changer than the makeup itself. Priming your skin before foundation can shrink the appearance of your pores and/or make the skin appear luminous. There are tons of primers for the diverse needs of different skin types. Primer also allows you to use less foundation over time. It’s a plus for your face and your wallet. Big fan of colorful eyeshadow or precise eyeliner? Use an eye makeup primer and your smoky eye and winged liner will stay all day.

8. Pumping the mascara wand

We’ve all pumped the mascara wand up and down a thousand times trying to scrounge the last bit of product out of the tube. As it turns out, this could be the opposite of a solution. Pumping mascara repeatedly can actually be drying out your mascara out faster, making it brittle and useless. The umping motion of the wand essentially pushes extra air into the tube, leaving you with dry, flaky mascara.

9. Curling lashes with mascara on

Speaking of mascara, always remember to curl your lashes before mascara. Never after. Mascara stiffens your lashes and a curler could cause them to break off or remove the product, wasting time and mascara and leaving you without lashes, all of which sound like a major nightmare.

10. Using a too-small bronzer brush

When it comes to a bronzer brush, go big or go home. Using a small brush will cause bronzer to look streaky and fake. A big, slightly angled brush blends the color better, creating a natural glow. This can also aid in contouring and shading evenly and naturally throughout the points of the face. Try smaller kabuki brushes or dense, fluffy brushes, not large powder brushes.

11. Applying foundation all the way to the neck

The easiest way to avoid a dreaded foundation line at your neck? Don’t apply it to your neck in the first place. Most women only need to apply foundation in the T-Zone (the nose, forehead, cheeks and chin), meaning you don’t need to create an obvious or harsh line with your makeup in the first place. Also, remember to match foundation to your neck as opposed to your face or arm. Not only will your makeup look more seamless, but your foundation bottle will last longer. You’re welcome!

12. Not putting topcoat on the tips of your nails

Have you ever wondered why your DIY mani seems to chip easily and lasts only half the time of your salon manicure? The answer: You’re probably not applying topcoat correctly. After coating your nail, coat the tip of each nail in topcoat as well. Since the tips of your nails are the first place to chip, adding another topcoat in that spot functions as security and is totally worth the extra five seconds.

13. Clipping cuticles

While clipping your cuticles may make them look better at first, it only hurts them in the long run, and it can actually cause hangnails. A better alternative? A liquid cuticle remover like Sally Hansen’s Instant Cuticle Remover. This will hide and tidy up their appearance, without the possible blood, sweat and tears.

14. Putting lip liner only at the edges of the lips

We’ve all seen someone with lip liner that stands out scarily from their lips, making their lips look about 10 shades lighter than their liner. This might be because the lip liner was applied too sparingly. Lip liner is meant to be long-lasting, so if it’s only used on the external edges of the lips, you’ll be left with too much color at the outside of your lips as your lipstick wears off. Think of lip liner as a primer for the lipstick or gloss. Use similar shades that mirror each other closely in color and finish. If you’re wearing a matte, burgundy lipstick then coat the lip in a matte, burgundy lip liner. Make sure to fill in and coat your lips with lip liner for the appearance of perfectly luscious, full lips!

15. Sleeping in makeup

You know better than this! You’ve probably heard this a ton of times but just in case you forgot, here’s a friendly reminder: Sleeping in your makeup is a complete no-no! Your foundation can cause blemishes, your mascara will cause your lashes to break off and you’ll wake up with a not-so-white pillowcase. Use makeup remover wipes or wash your face before bed. You’ll not only avoid the myriad of possible disasters, but you’ll also be helping and improving your skin.

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