Lindsay Lohan Apparently Owes This Filmmaker $10K For an “Insta Rip-Off”

Lindsay Lohan’s (ex) fiancé isn’t the only man who’s causing her trouble nowadays. Filmmaker Matt Martin claims that the 30-year-old actress took the $10,000 he gave her without fulfilling her end of a promotion deal. And he’s not stopping until he gets it back.

Martin approached Lohan associate Yossi Bechor about having her promote his 2017 film “Little Mermaid,” which is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale. She has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, making her a great person to hype up basically anything. TMZ reports that in his legal letter, Martin decided to work with Bechor after learning that the man often arranged deals on Lohan’s behalf. The filmmaker offered $10k and an executive producer credit for Lohan to post a measly 3 promotions on social media.

After 3 months passed without a word from the star, Martin felt pretty cheated. He’s tried to reach out to both Bechor and Lohan several times but has heard nothing back. Now Martin is demanding all of his money back with the threat of a lawsuit.

Well, it’s not like she hasn’t been using Instagram? We suspect there’s more to this story but right now, it’s not looking so good for LiLo.

[H/T: TMZ]

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