Your Headphones Might Be Destroying Your Hair

Well, this finding is wildly upsetting.

It turns out that it isn’t just applied heat, hair dye or rough hair brushing that is causing your hair to break. Those who wear over-the-ear headphones, especially with their hair down, could be breaking their hair without even knowing it, according to celebrity hairstylist, Castillo.

Castillo states that the back and forth motion while you’re walking pushes the headphones against your head over and over again. It roughs up your hair strands, which ultimately causes them to break. It is likely to happen more frequently if you have dry or color-treated hair.

Castillo spoke to Seventeen and gave some tips to heal the current breakage – and ultimately to prevent it from ever happening. He suggests using “a good detangler…to fully and safely brush your hair before pulling it back into a ponytail. And then put your headphones on. The detangler smooths the hair so that there is less damage.”

He additionally recommended using a leave-in treatment to help heal and protect your hair against breakage. He said, “A light, hydrating leave-in acts as a balm t hep protect and defrizz your hair before sliding on your headphones.”

Obviously, if you are very concerned about the damage your massive headphones are causing, you could always switch to earbuds at the cost of your precious, precious sound.

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