A Man Who Cheated To Complete Pokemon Go Revealed Its Ending

Nothing is sacred, I guess. Not even Pokemon.

I can’t really blame this guy for cheating to complete Pokemon Go. I gave up with the mobile app after I was too lazy to get up and search for Pokemon. I was also far too lazy to try out any of the hacks that people suggested lest they didn’t actually work, but I digress.

Look, you probably know that you’re likely never to catch them all in the near future, but you’re probably pretty curious as to what happens if you somehow do. Does the Elite Four appear? Do you get some type of rare Pokemon?

Well, you won’t actually find out because you can’t fill up your Pokedex properly. Currently, there is an absence of six legendary Pokemon from the mobile game. However, you can beat the game by reaching the highest level: level 40.


A Reddit user, who clarified that he had only beat the game through the use of a bot, shared what happens upon completion with the Reddit community (and by extension, the rest of the Internet).

Now is your time to exit the page if you want to keep the ending a secret and finish the game the old-fashioned way.

When you reach level 40, you receive a bunch of items for your bag – which isn’t any different from any other level. However, you get a lot of goodies. This is what you get in total:

  • 40 Ultraballs
  • 40 Razz Berries
  • 4 Incenses
  • 4 Lucky Eggs
  • 4 Lure Models
  • 4 egg incubators

If you think that’s worth all of the countless of hours spent, then, my friend, please do go catch them all.

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