Xavier University Is Getting An ATM That Dispenses Pizza

I think Xavier University is going to be hit with a sudden influx of transfer applications right about now.

Xavier University, a college located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is installing the first pizza ATM in North America. The ATM will dispense a warm pizza with the single touch of a button.

Pizza ATMs have existed in Europe for the last 14 years, a spokesperson for the French pizza-vending machine company, Paline, told the Associated Press. The machine can hold 70 pizzas at once.

Clearly, the Europeans have been doing something wonderfully right and leaving us Americans in the food-innovation dust.

Customers can select one of the $10 pizzas using a touch screen. After the pizza is heated for several minutes inside of the machine, it is placed into a cardboard box and delivered to the individual.

On the surface, you might be thinking that pizza from a machine must be gross. You also might be wondering why a French company is distributing pizza-dispensing ATMs instead of an Italian one. However, the marketing director of Xavier University, Jennifer Paiotti, who is also a New York-native, said that this pizza is some of the best she has ever had.

It might not look like the most appetizing meal, but, hey: It’s still a warm pizza that is apparently up to New York pizza standards. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

The pizza ATM will be opening at Xavier University on September 8 – so it is best to start saving your $10 bills!

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