Mom of Murdered Jogger Says Killer Will “Burn In Hell” During Press Conference

Cathie Vetrano is going through a mother’s worst nightmare right now. Her 30-year-old daughter, Karina Vetrano, was strangled and likely sexually assaulted last Tuesday on her daily evening run. She was found in a park not far from her home in Queens, New York. Her parents are still in deep mourning, but her mother led an emotionally charged press conference on Sunday that revealed her fury along with her grief. Police are still looking for the killer, but Vetrano’s mother couldn’t wait to say what she had to say.

“Look into my eyes everybody, because I’m going to address the coward,” she told reporters outside the family’s home. And she did not hold back:

“I’m here to remind you, in case you don’t already know, that now it’s the whole entire world against you. The whole world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. The whole world knows that and soon they’re all gonna know your face. Soon we’re going to have a face to the d*ckless piece of garbage that you are. And, above and beyond all, you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with, and I guarantee you, I guarantee you, you motherf*cker, you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you f*cking burn in hell. I guarantee you that. My daughter was a big believer of karma, and as you can see, she’s magical. The whole world knows she’s magical, and I guarantee you, you will pay forever.”

Karina Vetrano’s father, Phillip, did not comment with the same rage as his wife. He had been part of the search party using Vetrano’s cell phone to track her down and discovered his daughter’s body lying facedown Tuesday night about 15 feet from a bike path. Vetrano’s father usually goes running with his daughter but stayed at home Tuesday due to a bad back. He spoke briefly on Sunday, believing that “justice will be served.”

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Police believe Vetrano was sexually assaulted as her sports bra and shorts were pulled down when her body was discovered. They are currently waiting on the results of DNA evidence found at the scene. Vetrano, who was very physically fit and an avid runner, tried to fight off her attacker, police reported. She had many bruises and scratches, along with having a tooth knocked out. The police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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