Swearing, Messiness & Nocturnal Habits Are Signs Of Intelligence, According to Science

If you ever needed another reason to love science, here is your next one.

Does your mother ever berate you for having the mouth of a sailor? Or for being too messy? Or perhaps even not getting a good night’s rest? It’s not that you’re disorganized, it’s actually a sign that you’re rather intelligent. According to a recent study, these traits are associated with more creativity and higher IQs.

As of right now, there is no official explanation as to why cluttered night owls tend to have a higher IQ. Most studies, however, just show that the more intelligent a child is, the more nocturnal they will be as an adult.

If anyone has ever told you that a dirty mouth indicates that you have a lack of vocabulary, you can now tell them how wrong they are. Psychologists from Marist who studied the subject actually suggest that the people who know more curse words are more intelligent.

In the study, people were asked to name all of the curse words they knew. Based on what the researchers gathered about the respondents’ vocabulary, they found that the larger vocabulary the individual had, the more curse words they knew as well.

In short, the more curses you know, the more words you likely know overall.

And to touch on the attribute of messiness, messy desks are not signs of disorganization, but rather of a highly creative thought process. A study by the University of Minnesota shows that the messier the desk is, the more likely it is to inspire new ideas.

Researchers placed people into rooms and asked them to come up with new uses for ping pong balls, some with neat desks and others with messy ones. The two groups came up with the name number of uses when rated, but the ones with the messier desks had more creative ideas.

The study also showed that messier people scored higher on verbal IQ tests and have a wider range of interests.

Say it with me now: isn’t science wonderful?

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