Team USA’s Simone Biles’ Boyfriend is a Really Hot Brazilian Gymnast

Simone Biles, one of the kickass women on the USA Olympic gymnastic team, is showing off her skills in Rio while finding love with a super hot, ripped Brazilian gymnast. So in case you were wondering, you really can have it all.

To say Arthur Mariano is hot would be an understatement. The 22-year-old athlete is ripped — a characteristic he is (thankfully) always showing off — with a great smile and amazing head of hair (which is obviously very important). He also seems very sweet in his constant displays of affection on social media.

Oh also, did we mention he has a crazy sick bod?

Yup, Simone Biles knows how to pick them. The two kept their relationship on the DL for a while, but now the adorable couple is making their debut at the Rio Olympics, particularly on Instagram and Twitter.

While their budding relationship seems natural, Mariano’s journey to the 2016 Olympics hasn’t been as easy. He suffered microfractures and tendinitis in his right shoulder during a competition in 2013 and was unable to train for a couple of months. He also almost lost his eyesight early on in his career when a ring strap snapped off and hit his right eye. Fortunately, a surgery was performed to help avoid him losing his eyesight. Most recently Mariano underwent knee surgery after suffering an injury during training with the national team.

Regardless, we have high hopes for the Brazilian babe. And if he doesn’t take home the gold, at least he’s got his crazy good looks to fall back on. Check out his hottest photos below.

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