Every Olympics Athlete Was Given A Record-Breaking Amount Of Condoms To Last Them The 2 Weeks In Rio

US Olympic Athletes


Rio is setting an Olympic record… for condoms.

It’s no secret that athletes at the Olympics like to do the dirty when they’re not competing. In London, Grindr literally crashed when the Games began, and Hope Solo even told ESPN that she saw athletes having sex out in public in the Olympic village.

But hey – these are some of the fittest people in the world. It’s hard not to get a little turned on.

Also, accents.

Anyway, Rio was prepared for the surge in sexual activities. According to QuartzOlympic organizers are distributing 450,000 condoms – enough for 42 rubbers per athlete.

The record-breaking giveaway is primarily in response to the Zika virus outbreak throughout South America. The disease can be sexually transmitted, so the event’s organizers are trying to get ahead of the risk.

Free condoms have been given away at each Olympics since Barcelona’s Games in 1992.

And don’t worry – Quartz reports that a paper that compared nine studies on sexual activity concluded that sex doesn’t negatively impact an athlete’s performance.

The events only last about two weeks, but if an athlete is up for 84 romps in bed (or wherever suits their fancy) between competitions, I say go for it!

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