‘Bachelorette’ Drama! Have JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Already Split???

Rumor alert! Reports are swirling that The Bachelorette‘s JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers may have already broken up. If this is true, one source claims the couple will stay smiling for the cameras in order to profit from their “fairytale ending.”

The source tells Life and Style that not only did JoJo and Jordan break up, they split because JoJo cheated with Jordan’s best friend – Bachelorette runner-up Robby Hayes! But wait, didn’t we already kind of know that? I mean, that is what they do in the Fantasy Suite right? Still, some of the details are pretty juicy:

“JoJo has accepted that she hasn’t found her Prince Charming in Jordan. She’s told him that he was a complete disappointment and that she regrets ever giving him her heart. They’ve agreed to stay together for at least a year and transform their relationship into a business deal. Endorsement deals are already coming their way, and JoJo and Jordan are going to milk them while they can.”

If this turns out to be the case, we won’t exactly be shocked. We never really loved Jordan all that much anyways … sorry, still dreaming of Luke over here (sources claim he may be in the running to be the next bachelor!). However, we’re not sure if we totally believe these latest rumors. Not only would it be so sad for JoJo to have missed out on true love after such an emotionally draining process, but it would make her and Jordan complete phonies. If it is true, though, JoJo and Jordan are doing a great job of keeping up appearances. The couple were spotted just last week on a double-date with JoJo’s ex and former Bachelor star Ben Higgins and his fiancé Lauren Bushnell. Click the link below for all the must-see details.


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