Simone Biles Wins Our Hearts Once Again, Reveals What She Eats to Celebrate Post-Match

Simone Biles is amazing. She just added a personal gold to the USA women’s gymnastics team, and she’s easily one of the biggest breakout stars of the Summer Olympics. But a new tidbit about her routine has us loving her even more. After a victory or practice, Biles celebrates with her favorite food: pepperoni pizza.

“It doesn’t even matter if I don’t win a self-gold, after every meet I have pizza. Pepperoni pizza,” she told ABC News. I’ve never won a gold anything (except if you count those elementary school soccer trophies I got for volunteering to sit on the bench), but we can all agree that pepperoni pizza — easily the best kind of pizza in the universe — is a way to celebrate just about anything.

Her pregame food choices are a big lighter, but also delicious. The famous gymnast told Women’s Health that Special K Red Berries and egg whites is her ideal breakfast, while she eats either chicken or fish for lunch after practice.

But let’s get back to the important part: pepperoni pizza.

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