Justin Bieber Threatens To Make Instagram Private If Sofia Richie Haters Don’t Quit

You do not wanna mess with Justin Bieber‘s new girl, Sofia Richie. Recently, the couple have been taking in the Tokyo sights and flooding social media with pics of their latest adventures. But Bieber’s devoted fans haven’t exactly given his new girl the warmest of welcomes. In fact, they’ve been flooding his Instagram with a lot of negative comments about Richie, the 17-year-old daughter of music icon Lionel Richie.

Bieber has not taken this lightly. E! News¬†reports that the 22-year-old pop singer has threatened to make his Instagram private if fans don’t stop hating on Richie with this post:


The caption reads:

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand,¬†if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.”

Although Bieber insists that the pair are “just friends” and “nothing serious,” he’s definitely not taking the backlash towards her lightly. Luckily, it doesn’t appear that Richie is taking the haters too seriously, as she has also posted multiple photos of her and the “Love Yourself” singer on her own Instagram.


Do you think Bieber will make his Instagram private if the haters don’t quit? It wouldn’t totally shock us, Bieber has been known for being unpredictable in the past.

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