Justin Timberlake Crashed A Wedding & Took Pictures With The Happy Couple

Weddings involve a ton of planning, from the bride’s dress to the flowers to the silverware… you get the point. But the father of this bride included an extra last-minute detail to his daughter’s wedding without telling her. Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks had just finished their wedding ceremony at the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire when Justin Timberlake decided to join in on the celebration.

According to E! News, the pop icon was eating lunch around the corner when Gaudet’s father recognized him and asked him to take a photo. “So we were taking the first-look photo,” Gaudet explained. “And all of a sudden Justin Timberlake appears out of nowhere shakes my husband’s hand and congratulates us.” After some nervous, excited laughter and a few jokes from JT, they all posed for some wedding photos:

Justin Timberlake wedding photo

Facebook/Chelsey Gaudet

Gaudet admitted to always being a huge N’Sync fan as well as a fan of Timberlake’s solo career, joking that she “was waiting for him to dump Britney [Spears].” This made the star’s surprise extra special to her. Even though there could have been some awkwardness between Gaudet’s husband and celebrity crush, she says the moment was perfect. “He [Timberlake] was amazing and so gracious about the entire situation. It made my special day even more amazing.” Of course, he was. Because he’s basically perfect.

Sounds like the ideal wedding to us. Time to add photos of Justin Timberlake to our Pinterest wedding boards.

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