Selena Gomez Allegedly Tried to Contact Justin Bieber to Apologize, But He Won’t Give Her The Time of Day

After Justin Bieber had a public tiff with ex Selena Gomez, then promptly deleted his Instagram account, sources told TMZ the singer isn’t willing to give Gomez the time of day when it comes to¬†an apology.

Sources close to Justin Bieber told TMZ that Gomez has been trying to contact him since their social media war circulated online in a set of prized screenshots. He apparently “feels like his ex won’t let go, and she’s constantly looking for ways to insert herself in his biz.”

This is annoying, to say the least.

The 22-year-old singer is also amused that Gomez publicly ripped him for threatening to make his Instagram account private when she posted a similar message earlier this year. “I want to delete my Instagram,” she wrote in February. “There’s no drama. Everyone else creates drama. Including this post.”


Sources also said that Bieber finds Gomez to be “two-faced,” and that he’s “very over her.” She might have pseudo-apologized to him on her Snapchat, but apparently, it wasn’t good enough. And honestly, we kind of agree — it was definitely half-assed.

TMZ also reported that the comments about Gomez cheating on him with Zayn Malik were actually fake and posted by trolls, not Bieber himself. We remain skeptical on this one, but we’ll let it slide. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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