Drake and Rihanna’s Relationship is Starting to Get Serious

Apparently, Drake is a “changed man.” According to Hollywood Life, the rapper is willing to do just about anything to prove that his love for Rihanna is real. Since both artists are currently on tour it’s been tough to build a solid foundation for a lasting relationship, but the pair definitely hasn’t been able to deny their romantic feelings for each other. Drake is ready to take things to the next level with RiRi and he’s made a huge lifestyle change while on tour to convince her.

An insider told Life & Style that Drake has recently been turning down his female fans and groupies while on tour:

“All those women that flock to his trailer, bus and VIP sections to be with him are seeing a changed man.” Drake also reportedly “closed off the VIP section” at the 1Oak club in New York City and “told bouncers not to let any women in.”

This is a very positive step forward for the musical duo! Still, it seems as though Rihanna is waiting for Drake to make an actual commitment to her. Because, to RiRi, he apparently hasn’t proven he’s ready for anything seriously serious just yet.

We are SO in love with Drake and RiRi as a couple. We hope he continues to get his act together for her. They already make great music together … what more do you need in a relationship??

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